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  • Published on Jul 28, 2018

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  • RC Networks
    RC Networks 10 months ago

    Celebrity does drugs.

  • Nefarious
    Nefarious 10 months ago

    demi lovato does drugs= she needs help and support, no one can insult her because she's "struggling" (and

  • pu pu
    pu pu 10 months ago

    After watching lots of PDP videos and being around his succulent honesty other youtubers start to seem obnoxious

  • TheReeP 420
    TheReeP 420 9 months ago

    I know this is old af. But coming from a heavy addict he is so right. It's not right to shame people but it's pathetic to not point out when someone's do it something wrong. That's the biggest thing I had to learn as an addict, everyone's allowed their opinions all you can do is not let them get to you if you feel differently

  • NipponCat Japanese Lessons

    I also wanted to add that Pewdiepie is targeted because of his sheer influence. People are using his name just to get views/money. We all know this. Sadly the media doesn't always write accurate stories about him since drama and negative articles or statements about Felix will get them more attention/traffic. Luckily most people can see through those bad intentions and know better. We will always support you Pewds because we can tell you have a heart of gold. Your long time viewers know this without hesitation, but I feel that anyone can see that your intentions are always good simply by watching just one video of yours. Godbless!

  • Veton Dzeladini
    Veton Dzeladini 10 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • paigeyy7 my cat just left me

    Why was poppy Harlow apologizing

  • Atheist Man
    Atheist Man 9 months ago

    Logan Paul: Sure, I filmed the dead body of a person who probably died of depression and sadness, and I laughed beside it and I ran around Buddhist Temples in weird outfits but I'm not insensitive.

  • can we get 5,000 subscribes without videos?

    Tbh Pewdiepie's a genius.....I hope everyone realises that, instead of judging him because of his past mistakes..

  • Alexander Hewett
    Alexander Hewett 10 months ago

    Don’t apologise. Humour is subjective. People don’t get to pick what is and isn’t funny. Someone is always going to get offended. Get over it. It’s either everything is funny or nothing is.

  • JoeY
    JoeY 10 months ago

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  • Ray Moundo
    Ray Moundo 9 months ago

    I don't know if it's because you're Swedish or what, but it's rare to see such a huge personality with the level of understanding and humility that you have.

  • Sandul G
    Sandul G 6 months ago

    Who is better?:

  • Ray Yang
    Ray Yang 10 months ago

    Lol Logan’s hair looks like the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion

  • cosmic cuties
    cosmic cuties 6 months ago

    I admire Pewdiepie because he admits to his own mistakes and apologies unlike other youtubers 🙄

  • Superlox
    Superlox 10 months ago


  • sas h
    sas h 7 months ago

    I think pewdiepie is brilliant! very smart

  • BabyFace Chase
    BabyFace Chase 10 months ago

    "Im Vegan now" - Logan Paul

  • Sophie A
    Sophie A 10 months ago (edited)

    I don't think that Demi should be harshly criticized in this moment, but, I also know that it is a decision

  • Thomas Hestekind
    Thomas Hestekind 10 months ago

    Demi does drugs