Digipad 2.0 Features Download

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  • Published on Jun 13, 2018


  • Sachin Malik
    Sachin Malik 1 year ago

    such a shame Honda City upper segment car don't have this newer version so called digipad 2.0 , it doesn't even support apple carplay n android auto.

  • Royce Eapen
    Royce Eapen 11 months ago

    Seriously im angry with my wrv digipad u guys shoukd have atleast provide an update for wrv and city digipads to get android auto

  • Vishal Tripathi
    Vishal Tripathi 7 months ago

    Couple of my friends and me moved on to new ciaz because honda city has become a lesser offering due to lack of android auto and apple car play. Such a crap digipad 1.0 is .. maruti offers best and quickest .

  • Dr Gaurav Dahri
    Dr Gaurav Dahri 9 months ago

    Provide these features in Honda city also.

  • Dhawal Mishra
    Dhawal Mishra 1 year ago

    Lovely Information Honda

  • rks1919
    rks1919 1 year ago

    When is this update coming to current Honda city users? What’s the problem in providing a software update? Or Honda wants its existing customers to buy Amaze to use digipad 2.0 😂

  • Pankaj Chhabra
    Pankaj Chhabra 11 months ago

    when are u planning to provide this feature i can hold to buy for sometime but if it does not get i will prefer to buy verna

  • Gamecation
    Gamecation 10 months ago

    Will we get a software update to 2017 Honda city vx ?

  • Senthil V
    Senthil V 3 weeks ago

    BTW, below is a reply from HCIL on Digipad. And this is the best service they can offer.

    DEEPAK GUPTA 4 months ago

    I was searching for this explanation since i bought new amaze. The sales person of 4 Honda showrooms could not tell what you have told in this video! Thank you very much!

  • Rohan Agarwal
    Rohan Agarwal 11 months ago

    Can we install digipad 2.0 in honda city vx 2017 model ??

  • Venkat Sarat B
    Venkat Sarat B 2 days ago (edited)

    Guys who have digipad 1 don't worry as the version 2 has its own set of issues

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 11 months ago

    You should've hidden those phone numbers

  • Senthil V
    Senthil V 3 weeks ago (edited)

    On Honda City AVN, they are just fooling us around on Digipad upgrade asking to wait or watch social media. There is nothing planned nor in pipeline. They just made an idiot and fool of us thru false info in brochure. Ads and brochure are not trust worthy information from HCIL. Hyundai is better car in cost and features. I got fooled by Honda brand name.

  • Mahendran M
    Mahendran M 7 months ago

    When will this software update a available for Honda city 2017 model?

  • Lavanya Gadudas Ramakrishnan

    What do if the system shows "video cannot be played while driving" when connected via USB?

  • Pritesh Charpota
    Pritesh Charpota 5 months ago

    Amaze me instaaal ho jayega ka

  • Shashwat Narkhede
    Shashwat Narkhede 10 months ago

    As an owner of the top of the line Honda City ZX CVT, I am extremely disappointed with the Digipad provided in the car. Its a shame that Honda even deployed a system like this in a production car where other competitors like Hyundai have ICE systems 10x better at a much lower price point even.

  • Praneeth S
    Praneeth S 4 days ago

    I am totally disappointed, Honda is cheating us with 2019 wrv model cars. Why Honda is not updating digipad 2.0 features like amaze and jazz, useless features mirrorlink is not supporting and navigation also not working and no android auto connection option. First u can try to update digipad features minimum 2019 model Honda wrv and other cars like amaze and jazz features

  • muhammed fahad
    muhammed fahad 1 month ago

    How to mirror the phone in honda city zx cvt 2018